Death is a Door...

...we must all travel through alone. The reality of death can be terrifying, but it can also be a beautiful passage full of the people we love and the things that bring us joy.

To learn more about Death is a Door and what a death doula does, listen to this fifteen minute JPR Interview with Vanessa Finney on My Better Half podcast.

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Preparing for the Journey

We often don't know how much goes into preparing for death until someone we love dies. In a time we should be focused solely on our final moments with the person we love and processing our grief, we are left sorting through the endless paperwork and funeral arrangements. It can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially in unexpected circumstances.

It is never too early and we are never too young to start planning for the end of life. It is a kindness we can do for ourselves and the people who love us, to set in order all of the intricacies of our life and what we will leave behind, our wishes for a good death, how we would like to be honored, and with whom we want to share our last moments on this earth.

Opening the door

Death is a personal experience. It is sacred. It is a passageway. Like our fingerprints, no two will ever be the same.

Preparing for end of life should be unique to each individual, a way to honor the life they have lived and those they will leave behind. It is our goal to help curate a peaceful passage that takes the fear out of the one human experience no one has lived to tell about.

That starts with asking hard questions and becoming clear on what a good death means for you.

Embrace the unknowable.

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