Sarah Dore

Meet Sarah

Death Doula, Grief Companion

Sarah is the founder of Death is a Door. Six years ago, while working night shifts as a med tech at a memory care facility, she sat vigil with a dying person for the first time. That experience changed her life. She understood, not only the sacred nature and honor it was to be present for the experience, but she understood for the first time that death can be beautiful. She spent the next year in a position of caring for the dying, leading up to and after the time of death. When she first heard about "death doulas" she knew it was her path. It took several years of unconventional training before she was at last ready to take an official training as a death doula. She studied with Going With Grace, a Los Angeles based end of life organization that has been changing the landscape of how we understand and prepare for death. She is also a member of NEDA (National End-of-Life Doula Alliance. Sarah is passionate about helping others face their fears around end of life in a heart forward, compassionate way. She believes that death is not meant to be experienced alone and that grief should be shared. She currently resides in Medford, OR. with the love of her life and their two elderly dogs. She also has a blog at


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About Death is a Door

Death is a Door is an open-heart organization designed to help individuals prepare for death in all of its faces - whether death of the body or death of an area of life that no longer serves. The goal is to give both practical tools and emotional support to transition through the most difficult time many of us will experience, either as the individual experiencing the death or the family and loved ones of that person.

Honoring Death as Part of Living

Our principles

Death is a journey we will all go on. It is impossible to know with certainty what waits on the other side as no one has lived to tell. We believe death takes many forms, not just physical.


We provide compassionate support to individuals and their loved ones during this most human and extremely difficult process of death and transition. We are here to listen, guide, and offer support.

Preparing for the unknowable

We empower individuals to prepare for death, whether it be through practical tools or emotional readiness. By facing the inevitable, we can find strength and clarity.

Death in Community

Love is what drives us. It is our imperative that in this time of loss, you know that you are loved and cared for. That you are not at any point alone. Death is meant to be done in community. It is meant to draw us together. It has a way of making room. Whatever a good death looks like for you, we are here to help you get as close as possible. We believe that no one should die on their own.

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